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The Secrets Of Relaxation

We can all agree that the mental state of the world has rapidly declined in recent years. We could place a bet that you know at least one person who is always stressed!

Whether that be due to: work-related anxiety, self critique, pressures from school… Whatever the cause, it is extremely common.

With the growing popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook people are feeling like they just aren’t important if they for example: Are not receiving many likes; not many people are commenting on their photos; or maybe are following accounts showing over photoshopped models who look superhuman.

You are not the only one. That should be the first point. Don’t feel like you are battling it alone, there are so many people fighting! Meaning you have sources everywhere who you can talk to, in order to become more relaxed in your everyday life.

Below we have put together a few tips on how to become more relaxed, and how the power of relaxation can greatly boost your motivation and productivity!!

Tip 1 – Meditation

This is a method you are probably already aware of. Not only does it help encourage relaxation, by practising meditation in the morning, you get a real boost to make your day feel great! What makes this form even better is that it can be done almost anywhere, and it really is not difficult to get started. For the first few tries, you will probably find your head slightly drifting away, and focusing completely on your breathing can be hard for some to begin with. You need to stick with it, practising it as many times as you can throughout your week, making it easier and easier to focus. So find somewhere quiet, sit back in your chair, and focus all of your attention on your breathing! We recommend listening to some calming sounds/music whilst undergoing your meditation session. Audio can be found free all over Youtube!

Tip 2 – Laughter

This may sound ridiculous at first, but please hear us out. Laughter is such a fantastic form of relaxation! It doesn’t matter where you get your source of laughter from, as long as it genuinely makes you giggle out loud. Often this is a very easy task when you’re with friends who you share similar humour with. If you are thinking to yourself “I don’t really have any friends that make me laugh”. Well now is your time to make some! Start networking. Find people who share your values, then mingle. If this sounds like a real challenge, then don’t worry, find another medium to fuel your giggling needs. For some this could be watching a stand-up comedian, for others it may be reading a humorous book. Whatever floats your boat! Once you have found the perfect method, start doing that thing more often!

Tip 3 – Visualizations

Having a bad day at work? Has your boss over loaded you with a million and one tasks to complete in less than one hour? These will probably lead to a large amount of stress. So start visualizing yourself somewhere completely different. Find a place that you find yourself most comfortable. That could be sunbathing on a golden beach in the Bahamas, for some this may be sitting with your mates with a pint in hand. Now picture yourself in this place! Whilst doing so start calmly breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth. Imagine all of the tension leaving your body as you exhale. Fill your lungs with that crystal clear beach oxygen, and exhale the stresses of work. Use this as motivation.

Tip 4 – Practise forms of self hypnosis

Dr Jack Gibson explains in his book (Relax and Live) “The subconscious mind is something we can explore and harness to our advantage or ignore at our peril” A very powerful quote from a very intelligent man! Just a side note – If you haven’t already read Dr Jack Gibson’s books or looked into his work we highly suggest you do so! Visit to find out more. Anyway, back on topic, hypnotherapy can have unbelievable advantages. So beneficial in fact that as a surgeon, Dr. Jack Gibson carried out over 4000 procedures using Hypnosis instead of anaesthetic. These included major operations, surgical procedures and treatment of dislocations and fractures. He even cured himself of skin cancer

These are 4 very useful Tips for you to try in order to live at least slightly more stress free

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