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Anne's Review

In 2001, I was a busy working mum with three teenagers, life was good and I was healthy and happy. Then one evening, while driving through a town, I got rear-ended by a car doing 110 in a 30 zone. My car was a write-off but I was not injured apart from bruising, shock and anger. The driver of the other car took off and that was that, he didn’t own the car he was driving and he just abandoned it. I had to pick myself up, dust off and get another car. Many months after this, I started to feel very tired, my work suffered and other things started to happen like bad headaches, not being able to sleep at night, hearing loss, vision disturbance, weakness, pains and aches everywhere, confusion, memory loss and finally

‘turns’ as I used to call them where my blood pressure and heart rate would shoot sky high and leave me in a crashed state for a couple of hours. I was in and out of hospital, had constant doctor’s appointments, had dozens of tests carried out but nothing came to light, I was continuing to lose weight and I was getting sicker and sicker. I had to give up my job. I was a wreck and everybody was worried about me. At the time my son used to attend the Camp for sick children for one week every year and due to memory loss on my part, I had forgotten his dates. While talking to the nice lady in Barrettstown and explaining to her that I was not well, she in turn told me about this doctor who lived in St David's Castle in Naas County Kildare. She gave me Dr. Gibson’s phone number. I felt I had nothing to lose so I called and got an appointment. My husband came with me and we met Dr. Jack Gibson for the first time. Dr. Gibson was an elderly gentleman who spoke in a quiet cultured voice. He welcomed us into his kitchen and immediately started to give us a tour of his castle, of which he was very proud. We were put completely at ease while he explained what all the nooks and crannies were used for in the past and the work he had carried out since coming to live there. The castle had a nice feel to it and thinking back now, it felt like a safe place. He took us into a small room which had thick whitewashed walls and he said the room had been used as a stable in the past, and he felt it was a great place to carry out his consultations. We sat down and chatted away and then he asked why I had made the journey to him. I explained as best I could at that stage what I had just been through in the previous months and he listened without interrupting. He briefly inquired about the various tests that had been carried out on me and the results of same. He told me that something had happened to disturb the balance of my body and mind and he needed to find out what it was. Lots of things had happened like my father had passed away months earlier and I had lost a friend to cancer and my eldest child had done his leaving cert so there were a lot of things that could have caused stress or imbalance for me. I eventually remembered the car accident and gave a brief account of what happened. He then said he would hypnotize me. I was nervous of this but it didn’t feel like I was being hypnotized, I didn’t see any difference, I didn’t think that anything had happened and he started to ask me again about the car accident. I cried silently all the time while I relived the accident bit by bit. I was shocked that I was crying but I couldn’t stop myself. Afterwards, he told me that my problems had started with the car accident. In simple terms, he explained to me that I had filed away the shock and memory of the accident incorrectly in my brain. He compared the brain to millions of boxes or files where we store information. If information is stored incorrectly, it can cause a lot of trouble to the overall health of a person’s body. He told me that I would get better and I had already started that journey by taking the memory of the accident out of the incorrect file, it just needed now to be stored properly. In order for this to happen, I had to listen to one of his tapes every day in a quiet place undisturbed for approximately three weeks.

He then gave me one of his books to read and a cassette tape. I left Dr. Gibson that day not really convinced that he was right. I wanted with all my heart to believe him, but how could an accident that I had forgotten about and was not even injured in, be the cause of my illness and then how could listening to a tape for thirty minutes every day do any good for me? But I did as I was told and I listened to the tape every day for the next three weeks and I slowly started to see a change. It’s important to note at this stage, that when I started to use the tape in the beginning, it was not easy as I began to feel worse initially, in that I would have a ‘turn’ in the middle of listening to it. (i.e. blood pressure and heart would take off, leaving me feeling terrible). But then this subsided with each use and eventually, it stopped

altogether. It was important, however, to persevere in those first few times using the tape and in a way, battle through the illness. (it would have been much easier at that stage to give up) I made several calls to Dr. Gibsons office during the three weeks and was reassured by both himself and his secretary that I was on the right track, keep going and I would get better. By nature, I would be a very logic thinking person and would have always looked for the scientific proof of any cure so I tried to find excuses for the fact that I was feeling better but as time went on, I had to admit that there was nothing else going on only this tape. I visited Dr. Gibson again after the three weeks had passed and he hypnotized me again and

talked at length about how I would continue to improve over the next couple of months but I had to keep listening to his tape every day. He told me that I had the power with the aid of the tape to make myself better. I remember laughing in the car on the way home about the fact that I had the power to cure myself, I still couldn’t get my head around this thinking. But I had to face the fact that I continued to improve and return to full health. I had a few more visits with the doctor but they were just social and friendly visits while he checked my progress which continued upwards day by day. I had seen his castle and grounds change with the seasons and we always finished up our visits in the kitchen of the castle with tea, brown bread and a banana seated at a big old wooden table. During our meal, he would talk about food and the importance of what we eat on our brains and body. He talked at length about the power of the mind and the huge control it had on our bodies. He was always kind and caring in his approach and he had the knack of listening to what was behind the conversation rather than what was being said. Over the following year, I continued to improve and now all of my sickness is in the distant past. We all meet someone during our lifetime that makes an everlasting impression on us and I have to say, hand

on heart, that Dr Gibson was that person. I still keep his books and tapes in a safe place, just in case....

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