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How Hypnotherapy Can Aid Weight Loss

Losing weight is difficult. We are constantly surrounded by temptation and marketed food and drinks with enough sugar in them to last a lifetime. Yet we are also bombarded with images of super slim photoshopped models, which jabs our self-confidence, then uppercuts our feelings of self-respect. How do most people deal with this? Comfort eating. Which at the end of the day doesn’t exactly help solve the issue.

You start one of these unrealistic diets, which are so hard to maintain you are left giving up after a short period of time. Moreover keeping consistent with gym attendance can be a real challenge when you have other priorities to deal with.

As homosapiens, we are designed with the instinct for survival. Eating releases hormones within the body that bring us comfort. This “high” you get from eating food (especially sugary and fatty food) can become very addictive. Often leading to binge eating. Mixing this with a lack of exercise will quickly lead to an increase in fat.

What if you could start enjoying the weight loss process? What if you could  start altering the way that you associate with food? With Hypnotherapy you can.

And here’s how…

Most of the feelings which lead to our overeating are in our subconscious mind, having been told as children “Don’t waste! Finish what is on your plate!”. Using mind control through deep relaxation, Hypnotherapy aims to bring back our natural love of food and to reinforce our instinctive hatred of excess. It will allow you to attain, and maintain, your proper body weight, by developing a new life-style or rather re-developing an old life-style. This method is far more pleasant than dieting or drug use.

It is key for you to first realise what is the trigger point for your excessive eating. This could be stress, it could be when you are feeling anxious, or maybe just the pure happiness that comes from its consumption. After you find the cause, you must distract your mind.

Lack of willpower is probably the biggest cause of failure. The goal of Hypnotherapy is to change people’s association with food as a means of pleasure, rather than as a means of fuel for our body’s vital functions. Many think that reducing the amount you eat is going to solve the problem, so end up starving themselves to reach their desired weight goal. However this can sometimes be just as dangerous as eating too much. Not only will your body be deprived of its needed nutrition, you will find that when you end up eating normally again you will put on the weight twice as fast. Your body thinks “I’m not going to be fed again for a while, so I’ll save this energy for later in the fat stores”. Hypnotherapy can shift your brain from the thoughts of food as a comfort, towards its actual use (fuel).

If you want to experience how hypnotherapy can benefit you in your journey you can visit to begin for as little as £15!

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