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Lose Weight

Quickly, Safely & Naturally

A proven hypnotherapy treatment designed to rewire your subconscious mind

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Combat Cravings

Reduce Appetite

Increase Energy

Build Confidence

What's Your Why?

It's assumed by our society that only obese people desire to lose weight. However, this could not be further from the truth. There are several reasons that motivate people. For some, it's just a matter of changing their lifestyle or improving confidence, for others it is to save their lives. That said, it is important that you understand what triggered you to embark on your weight loss journey. 


Here are some reasons we often see...

To live a longer more fulfilled life

To improve mental health 

To feel more confident

To have more energy

To fit into smaller clothes 

To get better sleep

To feel less stressed

To prevent joint aches and pains

Studies show people who used hypnotherapy lost twice as much weight as those who dieted without

Why Is Losing Weight Difficult? 

Why is it that we desperately want to lose weight, yet so many of us fail? 


Alongside the unrealistic diet plans and supplements advertised to us, buried deep in our subconscious minds are negative feelings toward food that have developed from a very early age. 


For example…


Although our body knows when it has had sufficient food, most of us carry on eating because the food is there and eating in itself is an enjoyable action. The temptation to consume sugary and fatty foods sometimes feels impossible to resist, despite us being consciously aware of its negative impact on our health. 


These roadblocks are all within our mind and are often unconscious, making it difficult to overcome them. Meaning no matter how brilliant the diet and exercise plan are, we will continue to fail until we break through these barriers that have been preventing us from losing weight for many years. 


The part responsible for filtering, and making sense of the things we are aware of.


Not as easily accessible and controls the way we feel about certain situations based on past events.


The most difficult part to reach and includes memories and traumatic life events.

How Can Hypnotherapy solve these problems? 

Hypnotherapy aims to expose these negative habits and eating patterns, to then replace them with positive ones suggested by the hypnotherapist. By allowing the wish to lose weight to sink into the subconscious mind, losing weight can become and easy and pleasurable process.

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is becoming increasingly popular because of its effective method of rewiring the negative mindset preventing us from living a healthier lifestyle

It uses guided relaxation to achieve heightened awareness, also known as a trance. In this naturally occurring state, you are able to explore your thoughts and feelings in your subconscious mind. Educative suggestions and powerful visualisations allow you to put yourself in a state of relaxation and confront the concern in your subconscious mind. After time, the new thoughts suggested in the subconscious will impact the conscious, resulting in changed behaviours. 

Who Created This Treatment?

Dr Jack Gibson (MD, FRCSI) practised Surgery for 45 years, having continuously pioneered and promoted the need for Hypnosis in hospitals and having performed over 4.000 procedures without an anaesthetic.


During that time and in his 25-year retirement which followed, he treated over 60,000 patients for various addictions, phobias and psychosomatic diseases, to enable them to overcome a broad range of conditions.


To make his Treatments more widely available, Dr Gibson systematically devised and developed a series of audio recordings featuring his Deep Relaxation methods, based on his medical use of hypnosis and as an Alternative to drugs and anaesthetics.

Video Of Dr. Gibson
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