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Hypnotherapy Treatment Helping People Lose Weight
Or Their Money Back
The Problem
Sticking to a diet is difficult. After a short while, temptation kicks in, and before you know it you have fallen back into your old eating habits. This constant battle with your minds desire makes weight loss feel impossible. But it doesn't have to be that way...
Side Effects Of Obesity
  • Little Self Confidence
  • Regular Feelings Of Stress
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Little Control Around Food 
  • Struggle Sleeping
  • High Risks Of Developing Heart Disease
  • High Risks Of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Risks Of Developing Joint Problems
  • High Risks Of Developing Cancer
  • High Blood Pressure
At Least 2.8 Million People Each Year Die As A Result Of Being Overweight
The only real way you can overcome these symptoms and potentially save your life ​is by losing weight. But the question is how?
Weight Loss Hypnotherapy Treatment
​It is a well-known fact that when our will and our emotions are in conflict the emotions usually win. With Deep Relaxation we can boost our will and re-develop our old lifestyle which started as a baby: nobody loves food more than a baby, or detests excess more than a baby who will close its mouth tightly when it feels it has had enough. If we reduce with diets or drugs, we invariably feel we deserve a good meal…and slip back to our old ways. With Relaxology, a person may achieve his/her exact desired weight, enjoying food to the full while halting excessive eating.
Our Promise: If you don’t see results after 30 days of use we will issue you a full refund
Who Created The Treatment?

Dr Jack Gibson (MD, FRCSI) practised Surgery for 45 years, having continuously pioneered and promoted the need for Hypnosis in hospitals and having performed over 4.000 procedures without an anaesthetic.


During that time and in his 25-year retirement which followed, he treated over 60,000 patients for various addictions, phobias and psychosomatic diseases, to enable them to overcome a broad range of conditions.


To make his Treatments more widely available, Dr Gibson systematically devised and developed a series of audio recordings featuring his Deep Relaxation methods, based on his medical use of hypnosis and as an Alternative to drugs and anaesthetics.

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Step 3
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Video Of Dr. Gibson
Treatment Sample
How It Works
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Each recording should be played when you are sitting comfortably, somewhere free from any chance of disturbance. If you fall asleep while it is playing, you should start again, preferably sitting up. We recommend that you practise Deep Relaxation once or twice each day until you achieve a feeling of release. The recording should then be put aside for future use as a ‘booster’ if and when required.




Relaxology was devised and developed by Dr Gibson as a method of Deep Relaxation and as an Alternative to medication and anaesthesia. If you are on medication, please be sure to consult your doctor before stopping taking your medication.


Please be aware that these digital downloads have been transferred from Dr Gibson’s original and authentic recordings which were made in studios and on equipment which do not match the standards of today. As a result, there may be an occasional dip in audio quality – this should not affect the efficacy of the Treatment or its outcome.


Since the recordings were originally made on tape, there are frequent references to ‘tapes and cassettes’ and to turning over from Side 1 to Side 2. Generally, the tapes discuss the nature of the particular problem on the first side and then explain how to practise deep relaxation in relation to that particular problem on the second side.


The treatments may not always effect a cure, but when used properly they will – in almost all cases – be of help and can be used as a ‘booster’ if and when required.


As a Surgeon and Medical Practitioner, Dr Gibson used Hypnosis and taught Self-Hypnosis extensively, so there are frequent references to both in his recordings. Being under Hypnosis simply means being induced into a state of relaxation and concentration which is at one with a heightened state of awareness. ‘Suggestive’ hypnotherapy involves suggesting, for example, that phobias or addictions will cease. ‘Analytical’ hypnotherapy involves going into the subconscious to find the root of a problem(much like psychotherapy).


As he states many times, the subconscious is a source of enormous energy – and Hypnosis and Relaxology are all about tapping into that energy and using it positively.

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